Cultural Compact

The arts in Western Australia have reached a vital point in time. Although arts infrastructure has some deficiencies, the sector has never been managed better, opportunities are present, and energy is ready to be harnessed for the next stage in growth and development where partners from government, business and the philanthropic sectors want to play a role.

Western Australia has the opportunity to create an incubator environment for artists and creative industry entrepreneurs by providing spaces, support and showcasing for both our own talent and others from around the world.

A thriving arts and culture environment is central to a strong and engaged community.

Key Aims

The Committee for Perth invites the arts and culture sector, the Western Australian Government and other political parties, the business and philanthropic sectors and Local Government Authorities to commit to work through this Cultural Compact together for 10 years to revitalise our capital city and regional cities and towns to achieve:

  • A vibrant State where arts and cultural appreciation and activity is part of everyday life for all Western Australians;
  • Acknowledgement of the importance of Aboriginal culture and the arts to the future fabric of Western Australia;
  • The engagement of young artists who choose to stay, return to, or visit – because they are encouraged and supported within an incubator environment;
  • A dynamic capital city that all Western Australians are proud of; and
  • Bold and courageous art that places WA firmly on the international stage.

Key Reports and Resources

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