Feature Article - Perth's Reputation Survey

As part of our major research project Hashtag Perth, the Committee is pleased to present the findings of our latest study: Perth’s Reputation Survey launched at our Perth in Focus event. The Survey’s aim is to gain an understanding of how Perth is perceived as a place to live, work, study, invest and visit. Residents and influential business leaders were surveyed and the study benchmarks Perth against Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland and Singapore.

The survey finds that Perth has a strong reputation among its own residents, with a particular emphasis on its desirable natural environment, physical attractiveness and high quality of life. Despite these positive perceptions of Perth among its residents, we see that they are slow to recommend the region to others. Conversely, some of Perth’s low-performing attributes according to residents are its investment opportunities and its suitability for global headquarters. Externally, residents of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland and Singapore generally agreed with these opinions.

Interstate and international business leaders were quick to recommend Perth as a place to invest. In fact, Perth is equally attractive as a place to invest as Melbourne and Sydney, and more appealing than Brisbane, Auckland and Singapore. Unfortunately, this sentiment is not mirrored by local business leaders, who are currently underperforming as advocates for the region.

Another key finding is the significant increase in people’s perceptions of Perth once they have visited. On average, people with exposure to the city are 29% more favourable when recommending Perth than those who have not visited, which highlights a sizeable gap between perceptions of Perth and reality. This reputational lift achieved from exposure is not unique to Perth, however Perth does have the largest lift among the Australian cities surveyed, second only to Singapore. Across seven of the attributes used to benchmarks the cities reputations, non-residents who have visited rated Perth even more positively than residents.

The study raises four key areas to improve Perth’s reputation:

  • Activate Perth residents as stronger advocates for their own city
  • Understand why Perth’s business influencers aren’t advocating
  • Increase people’s experience with Perth
  • Ensure tourism strategies complement live/work/study/invest strategies

This report is our second insight as part of the Hashtag Perth two-year project, and a vital step towards our ultimate goal of providing an evidence-based action plan to address gaps between Perth’s existing reputation and its aspirations. You can read more about our first insight, FACTBase Bulletin 63 here.

We still have Funding Partnerships available for Hashtag Perth, with the project to be completed in the lead up to the 2021 State Election. For those interested, please contact our Manager, Member Services & Operations, Holly Fulker holly.fulker@committeeforperth.com.au or our office on (08) 9481 5699.

Acknowledgement of Country

The Committee For Perth acknowledges the traditional custodians throughout Western Australia and their continuing connection to the land, waters and community. We pay our respects to all members of the Aboriginal communities and their cultures; and to Elders both past and present.