Advocacy in Action - The Latest Tourism Statistics


The latest data released by Tourism Research Australia that WA’s international visitors increased 12.8% to 506,300 people, significantly above the national average of 3.6%.

Meanwhile, domestic tourism increased across the board, consistently meeting or exceeding the national averages. According to Tourism Research Australia, all States and Territories gained significant economic benefit from domestic overnight traveller spending over the last year.

In particular, domestic visitor spending in WA saw significant growth, increasing 25% to 46.7 million. There was also an uptick in the number of interstate visitors across all categories, including holiday (9%); visiting friends and relatives (12%); and business travel (76%).

However, it wasn’t all good news: international visitors to the State for education purposes dropped by 13%, in comparison to national numbers which saw an increase.

The Committee for Perth’s latest major project, Hashtag Perth, aims to reposition the region by enhancing its reputation. With findings from Perth’s Reputation Survey suggesting that visitor experience of Perth and WA has a strongly positive effect on our reputation, ensuring healthy international and domestic tourism is essential. Read more about our Hashtag Perth project here.

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