New Member - Synergy


About Synergy
Synergy is Western Australia’s largest electricity generator and retailer, providing electricity to more than one million residential and business customers in the South West Interconnected System (SWIS). Synergy is owned by the Government of Western Australia and has a workforce of around 770 employees located in Perth, Kwinana and Collie.

Why have you joined?
Our purpose at Synergy is to lead Western Australians to their intelligent energy future.  We have an extensive and diverse generation portfolio of both renewable and non-renewable sources spanning from Kalbarri in the north, east to Kalgoorlie and south to Albany.  We believe Synergy is well positioned to be a part of a transition to a clean energy future by investing in centralised renewables.  We are also supportive of an Electric Vehicle (EV) framework for Western Australia and have teamed up with a number of collaborative partners to roll out charging infrastructure around the Perth region. We look forward to working with the Committee of Perth on this agenda and progressing further towards a clean energy future.


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