Guest Article - Western Australian Aboriginal Leadership Institute


In February this year, an important not-for-profit organisation was launched with the formation of the Western Australian Aboriginal Leadership Institute (WAALI). This centre is the first of its kind for Western Australia and is purely focused on building leadership and governance amongst Aboriginal people.  

The Aboriginal Women’s Leadership Program is a part of the WAALI commitment, whose key aim is to encourage and strengthen Aboriginal women’s leadership within Aboriginal communities and organisations, as a means of overcoming Aboriginal disadvantage.

The Program has been designed by Aboriginal women, for Aboriginal women, many of whom are already playing informal leadership roles within their communities. They are often responsible for making decisions which assist to improve the lives of those in their community and families.

Young women who complete the program will be equipped with skills to fulfil professional responsibilities, meet the needs of their family and community, as they learn about their leadership styles and build their confidence. To learn more about WAALI, visit their website

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