Guest Article - BubDesk 'The Missing Piece to the Return-To-Work Puzzle'


Perth start-up BubDesk is creating waves in the corporate sector, as it expands its network of centres nationally. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, BubDesk came to life in early 2016 as Perth’s answer to Spacecubed for the new parent market. The co-working hub serviced predominantly freelancers looking to escape the distractions of home, but soon sparked the interest of big business, grappling with how to support new parents going back to work.

Twelve months ago the business model made a giant pivot, away from a centralised co-working space, to a decentralised suburban model. It went from co-working with a side of creche, to what is now referred to as “in-childcare co-working”.

BubDesk went about partnering with fully licensed childcare centres, everywhere from Mandurah to Wanneroo, to create mini parent-workspaces onsite within their centres. The new model meant that parents had access to a professional workspace, away from the distractions and isolation of home, but close enough to their baby that they could continue feeding or offering comfort as needed, while they transitioned into care.

With 13 centres now across WA, NSW, QLD, TAS, and more being added by request every month, we are all of a sudden seeing a very real and practical solution to the challenges of staff retention and gender diversity in Australia. 

“An amazing concept that I believe is literally life changing for employees, as it enables people to return to work that may not have been able to do so, or as early as they wanted, in an incredibly supportive and productive working environment. It is being used very successfully by our law firm as a practical return-to-work solution and has resulted in a more relaxed and happy employee, who is achieving a highly productive output when working at BubDesk. It’s a proverbial win-win for employee and employer,” said Cullen Macleod Director, Catriona Macleod. 

BubDesk tailors its corporate solutions to meet the needs of its clients, effectively acting as the broker between employers, employees and childcare centres to ensure a win-win outcome for all. Centres are invited into the BubDesk network at the request of new parents, who are provided with all the corporate amenities they’re used to – WiFi, printing, scanning, ergonomic setups and of course coffee….lots of coffee.

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Meg Burrage, Founder and Director of BubDesk

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