Feature Article - Socialisation of the Bigger & Better Beyond the Boom recommendations


Throughout September, we were busy holding a number of socialisation sessions in order to get feedback and build a groundswell of support for the Bigger & Better Beyond the Boom draft recommendations. With the upcoming release resulting from two years’ worth of research, the final report lays out a pathway for Perth’s economic future for decades to come.

The 10 socialisation sessions were attended by more than 100 senior people across industry and government. These sessions act as a critical last step in all Committee for Perth major projects and played a vital role in ensuring the recommendations are appropriate and achievable, based on the key findings arising from more than two years’ worth of research.

Across the 10 sessions, the recommendations were reworked multiple times, consolidating some and expanding others to form a final set of seven recommendations and associated actions that illuminate a path towards a prosperous and more stable economic future for the Perth region.

It is clear from the research that Perth is a region in transition, with businesses, residents and governments attempting to navigate the wake of the most significant period of mining and resource sector fuelled growth in the state’s history.

Looking outwards, lead indicators suggest that the region is not performing as well as it could be. In fact, Perth is lagging and other cities in Australia and Asia are surpassing us. Competition is fierce as cities seek to be the most liveable, innovative and visited.

At the launch of the B4 Pathway to Prosperity report on 23 October, we will share with you a series of opportunities to move us from complacency to action. We will also be challenging both government and industry to grab these opportunities, so as to realise change and create a lasting legacy for the Perth and Peel region.

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