Advocacy in Action - Welcome to Country Guide


Our Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) 2016-2018 guides our initiatives and actions to help drive reconciliation within the Committee for Perth and more broadly.

Our reconciliation journey began in 2009 through a Statement of Commitment to reconciliation, which has taken us on a pathway to develop and implement four successive RAPs. It is through the RAP program that the Committee is able to make a meaningful contribution to reconciliation with guidance from our local Aboriginal community, the Noongar people.

One of the key commitments in our current RAP was to refresh the Committee for Perth’s Welcome to Country guide, initially developed in 2009 to provide an example on how to acknowledge the traditional custodians of a region and Australia’s first people. The refresh of our Welcome to Country guide was developed in consultation with our Aboriginal Consultant, Dr Richard Walley OAM and ensures that the guide includes information on the historical importance of this cultural protocol, including its origin.

During our End of Year Celebration, launched by Dr. Richard Walley OAM, the Committee provided members with a copy of the updated Welcome to Country guide, which also includes information on who can perform the ceremony and a list of contacts to help in determining the type of acknowledgement appropriate for events.

A Welcome to Country is a significant practice that encourages the wider community to share in Aboriginal culture and heritage and allows the Traditional Owners for the region to bless an occasion. We encourage those who currently do not undertake a Welcome to Country during events or meetings to use the Welcome to Country guide to assist in understanding how to appropriately acknowledge Aboriginal people and culture in Western Australia, and more broadly.

For member companies seeking to develop their own Reconciliation Action Plan, the Committee would be happy to assist and provide advice on how to begin the process. 

Our RAP Champion, Georgie can be contacted at

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