Advocacy in Action - Planning Reform Green Paper - Committee for Perth Submission


The Committee has had a long-term advocacy agenda focused on government and planning reform. The current fragmented system of planning and governance across the Perth metropolitan region is hindering the potential to achieve our vision for the future.

Twice this year, members of our Reshaping Working Group have met with Evan Jones, Principal of the WA Planning System Review to discuss this critical planning reform process and to provide input into the Committee’s submission. We are grateful for the high level of engagement with government during this process and for the input from our broad membership base through the Reshaping Working Group.

The Green Paper identifies five critical key reform areas. Pleasingly, the proposed amendments align with the recommendations from our 2012 report, Towards a Bright Future – a vision for Perth as a region of 3.5 million people. Our vision for governance across the metropolitan region is to have efficient and effective systems for local and regional governance, which will be assisted by the proposals in the Green Paper.

Specifically, the Committee supports:

  • The shift in focus of planning to a strategically-led system;
  • The need for a single, concise State Planning Framework and a comprehensive Local Planning Scheme for local governments;
  • The proposed Community Engagement Charter to ensure meaningful community engagement during the strategic planning process;
  • Increased transparency and accountability during decision-making processes;
  • Shifting the focus of the Western Australian Planning Commission to planning matters of strategy or controversy;
  • A review in the roles and responsibilities of all bodies involved in the delivery of planning across metropolitan Perth and Peel;
  • The need to plan for high-density living opportunities around key centres, connected by public and active transport infrastructure; and
  • Implementation of smart growth principles and practices through a new Consolidated and Connected Smart Growth State Planning Policy.

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