Advocacy in Action - Perth Airport Submission


Advocating for infrastructure to meet the needs of future Perth and Western Australia is a critical part of the Committee’s role. The new runway is an essential project that will support increased demand for national and international connectivity and provide opportunities for the growth of key industries.

This month, the Committee’s Reshaping Working Group met with Kym Meys and Allan Mason to discuss Perth Airport’s new runway project and to provide input into a submission. We are grateful for the continued opportunity to engage with Perth Airport, who have presented to our members at previous Committee for Perth events.

Early FACTBase research conducted by the Committee for Perth identified the importance of air transport in ensuring Perth’s global competitiveness. Connectivity infrastructure can ensure high levels of integration with the global economy, which in turn drives much of a city’s success due to its ability to compete globally. This is especially true given Perth’s geographical isolation from key national and international markets.

Of additional relevance is our 2012 report, Towards a Bright Future – a vision for Perth as a region of 3.5 million people, which identified that distance to capital markets created issues for new creative and innovative industries, and that Perth’s infrastructure needed improvement to meet short and long-term growth requirements, particularly the region’s airport infrastructure.

With this in mind, the new runway project is a significant development towards creating a bright future for the region.

In acknowledging the above, the Committee also recognises the impact that the new runway project will have on residents located within flight corridors, the environment and for the local Indigenous community. We therefore recommend that Perth Airport continues its extensive engagement process throughout the Major Development Plan’s progression to ensure the community is informed and has a voice. Read the submission.

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