Advocacy in Action - Northbridge entertainment noise submission


The Committee believes in urban revitalisation through vibrant social and cultural offerings, including a strong bar and restaurant scene. This month, the Committee’s Reshaping Working Group heard from the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage on their proposed reforms in the planning for entertainment noise in the Northbridge area for the purpose of preparing a submission.

As a key advocate for Perth as it grows to a region of 3.5 million people, the Committee believes that the planned reform of noise regulations within the Northbridge area is a critical part of achieving a strong and engaged community through a thriving arts and cultural sector.

The proposed reforms seek to balance the ongoing viability of the Northbridge entertainment district with protection of the amenity of residents and other businesses, provide clear and consistent development guidance for new developments and provide an increased level of assurance to music venues.

This will be achieved by:

  • Placing responsibility of noise attenuation on new developments within the proposed boundaries;
  • Additional noise assessment requirements for all planning proposals which need to demonstrate how construction and design will achieve acoustic attenuation to comply with standards;
  • Placing a notice on title for all approved planning proposals affected by entertainment noise; and
  • The protection of indoor areas only, meaning noise complaints can’t be submitted for outdoor locations like balconies on residences.

The Committee provided support for the proposed reforms, as they will help to maintain the unique character of Northbridge as Western Australia’s premier entertainment district. Entertainment venues such as those in Northbridge have a positive impact on the amenity, liveability, attractiveness and perceived sophistication of the city as a place to live and visit. In addition, the Committee’s recently released Bigger & Better Beyond the Boom: Perth’s Pathway to Prosperity report identified the importance of arts and culture for a diverse and strong economy.

The submission outlined some concerns over the proposed boundary, as the Committee believes that Northbridge is not the only area which would significantly benefit from the proposed reforms. It also suggests considering applying these changes to other mixed-use precincts throughout the CBD and in other areas of the metropolitan region including Fremantle, Mount Lawley and Leederville. The full Committee’s submission can be accessed here.

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