2018 Passion for Perth Photographic Competition


Each year we run the Passion for Perth Photographic Competition and this year our judges from the Reshaping, Revitalising Working Groups and Board Members worked through more than 90 entries. Their task was to pick the finalists and ultimately an overall winner and a winner under 21 years of age. At our End of Year Celebration, the 2018 winners of the Passion for Perth Photographic Competition were announced. Congratulations to Ali Moawiz for her image of Optus Stadium and the under 21 winner, Faith Clarke 'Lighthouse on a Hill’. Both Ali and Faith have received letters of congratulations and prize money of $1,500 and $500 respectively. Their winning shots will be given as gifts throughout 2019 and will also have pride of place on our boardroom wall. This annual competition captures life in Perth and we are starting to build up quite a collection of images documenting the changing face of Perth. 

Find out more and enter the 2019 competition.

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