New Staff Member


The Committee for Perth has expanded its team with Lisa Kazalac joining them as the Manager of Research and Policy. Committee for Perth CEO, Marion Fulker said Lisa brings a unique set of skills that will be well utilised.

“Lisa comes to us with a strong grounding in policy, having worked for the Victorian Government, she has a specialised background in economics and will be a good addition to our capabilities as a team,” said Mrs Fulker.

“Lisa has already been exposed to Western Australia’s corporate environment given her previous roles at CCIWA and most recently REIWA. She will be working on our latest research project Bigger and Better Beyond the Boom and when the next tranche of ABS Census data comes out next month she will be updating our research in the areas of the economy and the workforce. I’m also keen for her to meet our Members and key stakeholders.”

Lisa’s formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Economics with Honours and an MBA from Curtin University. Having worked for government and the private sector, Lisa says she understands the needs of both and also what will benefit the community.

“One of the main reasons I joined the Committee for Perth is to be part of an organisation that is working to positively shape the future of Perth, and to be part of a highly respected think-tank that has real influence and led by dynamic and respected leaders,” Ms Kazalac said.

“I’m looking forward to working on exciting and challenging research projects that cover everything from tourism, education, the service industry and economic development. It’s such a broad remit. The Committee’s Members cover the breadth and depth of WA businesses I’m keen to help to build the profile and influence of the Committee for Perth with key stakeholders.”

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