Guest Article - AIM Course and Partnership with Committee for Perth


An exciting new partnership between the Committee for Perth and AIM WA will deliver two courses to fill the pool. This article has been submitted by course facilitator Narelle Goodfield. 

The 2015 Filling the Pool research identified a massive missed opportunity for Western Australian businesses. The highly regarded research hit the spot for individuals and organisations who recognised the contribution women can make at senior levels was being ignored. At a national level, this lost opportunity results in the Australian economy foregoing around $300 billion each year due to gender inequality. Now, through an exciting collaboration between the Committee for Perth and the Australian Institute of Management WA (AIM WA), individuals and organisations can gain practical skills and knowledge to equip them to drive change.

The collaboration has resulted in the AIM WA offering two training programs which align directly to the broad themes identified in the research:

  • 1.Women in Leadership – What Organisations Can Do
  • 2.Women in Leadership – What Women Can Do

The first program, What Organisations Can Do, examines the systemic barriers that block or hamper the ability of women to assume senior roles of influence in organisations. Participants will be encouraged to look critically at their own organisation to identify the systems, practices and behaviours that directly or indirectly have a negative impact on gender equity at senior levels. The one-day program is open to men and women with responsibility for driving these changes in their organisation.

The second program is aimed specifically at women who hold or aspire to positions of leadership and influence. The content includes contemporary ideas on leadership, career planning, negotiation and management. Participants will also be encouraged to build their networks, learn from each other and experiment with alternative approaches within their organisations. Consisting of three-days of training spread over four weeks, the program provides an opportunity to try out new approaches, reflect and report back to the group on what worked and what didn’t.

Of particular note in this program is the issue of inclusion. Gender equity is futile if the individuals are not embraced, if their input is not valued and if they are not seen as a legitimate member of the senior team. The program facilitator will guide participants through the issues of professional goal setting, self-confidence, finding a mentor, personal power and having difficult conversations. Each topic aims to build the toolkit of skills, knowledge and behaviour to maximise the chances of reaching a position of influence and then realising the ambition of being influential in the team.

Both programs will be supported by the input of guest speakers: experienced women and practitioners who have had success at bringing about change in their organisations. The speakers will bring real world examples of challenges and success stories to complement the skills and theory session.

Narelle Goodfield is an experienced member of the AIM WA consulting team and she will facilitate both programs. Narelle is a skilled facilitator with considerable expertise working as a mentor and coach to people who want to enhance their personal brand, influence and presence.

There are several iterations of the AIM WA programs in 2017 and bookings or more information can be obtained by calling 9383 8000 or by visiting

The full Filling the Pool report is available here.

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