Feature Article - Bigger & Better Beyond the Boom Update


As with most of our major projects, time flies, and it’s hard to believe we’re almost one year into the Bigger & Better Beyond the Boom (B4) project, having already released a number of insights throughout 2017. The final report, undertaken in partnership with PwC and a number of major and supporting funding partners, will provide a number of recommendations for Perth and Peel. The recommendations will reveal strategies for a more economically diverse and robust future for the region.

The first piece of work released for B4 was a community survey carried out by market research company Ipsos, a supporting funding partner. The survey sought to understand how Perth households have fared in a post-boom economy. Two-thousand Perth and Peel residents responded to more than 100 questions. The questions related to their perceptions of success, industry outlook, work aspirations, household finances, mobility and what disruptions they have faced since the GFC.  

Almost 40% of respondents experienced some form of career disruption since the boom, whether this meant being made redundant or changing careers or industry. In addition, 72% predicted no real wages growth and 45% saw no future improvement in their quality of life. Read the full survey here.

In addition to the community survey, two FACTBase Bulletins have been released under B4 which have sized and spatially examined the higher education and tourism sectors in Perth and Peel. 

During the month, we held our first B4 Steering Committee workshop to determine the opportunities, challenges and potential solutions for the higher education and vocational education and training sectors. Ultimately, these workshops will form the basis of a suite of recommendations to be workshopped through the back end of next year, ahead of releasing the final report.

Before the end of the year, we will release FACTBase Bulletin 56 – Sizing Ageing in Western Australia and a FACTBase Special Report – Sizing the Economy. We invite you to get involved by attending our Perth in Focus events around each of these pieces of research, on October 24th and November 29th, register here.

In early 2018, our in-house research team will begin to analyse the recently released Census data to provide detailed insight into Perth and Peel’s major industry sectors, labour force and major headquarters. These will be released alongside a detailed case study of the Kwinana Industrial Area, which our team is already working on, by conducting four rounds of interviews this month.  

We look forward to sharing more insights into the Perth and Peel economy and industry sectors as they become available.  

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