Advocacy in Action - Get a Move On!


After the launch of Committee for Perth major project reports, we held a debrief meeting in order to review the impact of the report and to plan next steps. The Get a Move On! Steering Committee met in early April following the recent State election.

As with all of our projects and advocacy issues, we take an apolitical approach and invite both sides of Government to the launch of major pieces of research. Pleasingly, we welcomed the Hon. Rita Saffioti who is now Minister for Transport; Planning; Lands to address attendees at the launch of Get a Move On!, and look forward to progressing our advocacy on the recommendations with the new Government.

In order to progress Get a Move On!, the Committee has held a number of events to discuss the report and its recommendations. During March, we hosted Lyle Bicknell from the City of Seattle, who led a Perth in Focus event to discuss the transformation of his city from a boom -bust economy. We also held a Food for Thought Leaders Luncheon where attendees discussed value capture with Joe Langley, Technical Director at AECOM. Lastly, our recent Chairman’s 20 event featured guest speaker Richard Sellers, Director General of the Department of Transport.

In addition to our in-house events, we wrote three opinion pieces that kept the report top of mind in the lead up to the State election. As an organisation, we remain committed to continued learning and advocating on ways in which congestion can be reduced and public and active transport mode share increased. During an upcoming study tour our CEO will examine the public and active transport networks in Copenhagen, the new light rail system in Edinburgh and receive a briefing on the UK’s autonomous vehicle legislation.

Steering Committee members agreed that Get a Move On! was a timely project that ensured the delivery of evidenced based research upon which to base decisions.

However, the new station at Forrestfield as part of the new train line to the east was viewed as a missed opportunity to create a transit oriented development because it will be surrounded by car parking. It was agreed that future developments to be delivered as part of Metronet need coordinated delivery to ensure land use and transport planning coincide. On a positive note, the commitment by Labor in the lead up to the election to densify the heritage lines was seen as a positive to facilitate more urban housing and increase public transport usage.

The Department of Transport acknowledged that the report had been useful because it highlighted problem areas that need to be addressed for car, public and active commuters. In addition, the Department is now working with the Get a Move On! Community Survey datasets to profile users from different sub-regions to gain a greater understanding of their commute requirements.

The Steering Committee has come together as a high performing team and will continue to meet twice a year to focus on creating action around the recommendations. We couldn’t have achieved as much as we did without our Steering Committee members and funding partners of the Get a Move On! project, whose intellect and rigour delivered a high-quality outcome. 

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