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Economic Prosperity
Perth - second most competitive economy in Australia
The latest FACTBase report by the Committee for Perth has found that while Greater Perth is the second most competitive economy in Australia, it’s not enough, with the region scoring the lowest in the country for a key driver of growth and innovation.
Media Release
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July 2018
Economic Prosperity
Perth - a well-connected, global city
Marion Fulker, CEO, discusses the major findings of the latest FACTBase Bulletin which identifies the global connections of firms across Australia's major cities, with a specific focus on Perth's global connectivity.
Media Release
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June 2018
Economic Prosperity
Bright lights industries diversifying our local economy
While it might only employ 15,378 people or 1.81% of Perth’s total population, the arts and recreation services industry has grown by more than 26% over the past seven years, making it an important part of Greater Perth’s economy.
Media Release
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May 2018
Bigger & Better Beyond the Boom
KIA shows that government can drive the economy
In 1952, the Western Australian government signed a State Agreement that created the Kwinana Industrial Area (KIA), the state’s premier industrial area. Sixty-six years later, the KIA is made up of 231 businesses, employs approximately 5,600 people and injects $15.77 billion a year into the local economy. The latest FACTBase Special Report produced by the Committee for Perth’s Bigger and Better Beyond the Boom project, found that while it faces some challenges, the KIA is a critical precinct, home to a number of our highest earning industries and is of vital importance to the future economic well-being of the state.
Media Release
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April 2018
Quotas not the solution for gender equity
To quota or not to quota, has long been the question. But a landmark FACTBase report by a world-renowned expert, Professor Morten Huse, has found that setting quotas for women on boards isn’t a silver bullet when it comes to achieving gender equity, societal sustainability and well-being.
Media Release
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March 2018
More over 65's still in the workforce
The latest FACTBase Bulletin explores spatial distribution and employment trends in Perth and Peel since the 2011 Census. Marion Fulker, CEO, discusses the key findings and strategies that could be implemented to encourage older people to remain in the workforce.
Media Release
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March 2018
Economic Prosperity
Perth isn’t a boom-bust economy
Marion Fulker, CEO, discusses the key findings of the recently released FACTBase Special Report - Perth as a resilient economy, which is part of the Committee for Perth’s Bigger and Better Beyond the Boom research project. In this report, researchers have looked back over one of Perth’s most significant periods of economic diversification and expansion from the end of World War II to create a much-needed evidence base to inform future planning.
Media Release
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November 2017
Perth's ageing population - opportunities and challenges
The latest FACTBase report by the Committee for Perth, as part of its Bigger and Better Beyond the Boom research project, examines the age structure of our population, ageing trends, and the impact that this is having on the ratio of the working population to dependent population – the dependency ratio, and working population to the population over 65 – the older dependency ratio.
Media Release
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October 2017
Bigger & Better Beyond the Boom
WA's post-boom tourism sector faces challenges
Attracting a more diverse range of tourists, increasing the number of people visiting regional Western Australia, developing a short-stay visitor market and creating more sophisticated marketing campaigns are just some of the challenges facing the local tourism sector so that it can continue to grow. The latest FACTBase Bulletin released by the Committee for Perth, as part of its Bigger and Better Beyond the Boom research project, has found that in some segments tourism is underperforming but as a sector it has the capacity to create new jobs and drive economic expansion in coming decades.
Media Release
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August 2017
Economic Benefits of WA's Ageing Population
With Western Australia’s ageing demographic and the financial benefits it will bring to the economy, the Committee for Perth is pleased to welcome a consortium from the aged care sector as a major funding partner of the Bigger and Better Beyond the Boom project. The consortium has formed the Aged Care Partnership and is comprised of Amana Living, Brightwater Care Group, Baptistcare, Juniper, MercyCare, Royal Australian Air Force Association (WA division) and Silver Chain.
Media Release
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July 2017
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