Economic Prosperity

Our Position

The Committee believes that to be a globally recognised city, Perth needs to secure a level of economic prosperity that thrives beyond the strengths or weaknesses of any particular sector.

Our Advocacy

 In 2012, we released a FACTBase Special Report: Perth as a global minerals and resources energy hub, which examines Perth’s strengths in the sectors.

Following a period of researching Perth’s connectivity, in 2013 we released a FACTBase Special Report: Perth as a globally connected city in which the region’s strengthening economic and cultural ties are examined and mapped.

In 2017 we will begin our next major project, Bigger & Better Beyond the Boom, which will be conducted over two years to examine the size, industry composition and spatial structure of the Perth and Peel and wider Western Australian economy at a fine grain level. 


Phase 02


Perth as a globally connected city

This report explores some of the complex and diverse ways that Perth interacts with the rest of the world.

November 2013

Perth - a well-connected 21st century city

The Committee’s latest report, Perth as a Globally Connected City, produced as part of the FACTBase joint venture research project with The University of Western Australia, considers all these factors in evaluating Perth’s global connectivity.

November 2013

Creating a diverse and resilient economy for WA

This article, submitted by Foundation Member EY, explores this idea in the light of the WA Treasurer’s announcement that WA is in a state of transition as it is moving from a business investment phase into a production phase with higher exports.

September 2013

Perth’s global connectivity in energy

This FACTBase Bulletin explores an alternative landscape of power and influence based on the location of multinational organisations in the energy sector and, in particular, focuses on where Perth lies within this global network.

June 2013


Phase 02


Perth as a globally minerals and energy hub

This report highlights the unique nature of Perth as a global mineral resources and energy hub, and demonstrates that the city’s abundance of natural resources has opened up a diverse range of new opportunities that now see it firmly integrated within the world economy.

November 2012


Phase 02


Is Perth Becoming More Unequal: Updated

This paper builds on a Bulletin released earlier in 2010 (Bulletin 5) that examined the issues of income inequality across Australia's major cities, and within the Perth metropolitan area.

December 2010

Perth's Decade of Prosperity: 2010 Update

This paper revisits an analysis conducted in 2009 that examined personal incomes in Australia's major capital cities, and within the Perth metropolitan region.

November 2010

Global Competitiveness: Implications for Perth

This paper is the first in a series that will build a wider understanding of how Perth compares with a group of broadly similar cities in Australia and North America.

October 2010

Perth's Energy Economy

This Bulletin provides a brief overview of some of the key characteristics of Perth's energy industry, focusing on the scale of production, corporate control, and the creation of a knowledge economy.

October 2010

Perth's Most Competitive Sectors: An Exploratory Study

The Bulletin examines the competitiveness of Perth's employment sectors between the 1996 and 2006 censuses.

June 2010

Perth's Economic Base: A Comparative Assessment

This brief Bulletin examines Perth's economic base, identifying the propulsive sectors and how this structure compares with other Australian cities.

June 2010

Is Perth Becoming More Unequal?

This paper builds on FACTBase Bulletin 1 to examine how Perth's recent resources boom affected levels of socio-economic wellbeing.

April 2010


Phase 01


Can a resource economy be a knowledge economy? The case of Western Australia

Using the Western Australian nickel industry as an example, this paper highlights how numerous characteristics, or hallmarks, associated with knowledge economies are indeed present in the Western Australian resources complex.

November 2009

Boomtimes and Personal Income: Perth's Decade of Prosperity

This Bulletin reports on one component of a wider research programme that examines the socio-economic performance of Perth by considering how personal incomes have changed over the last decade.

November 2009

Economic Stress in Perth

This paper reports on the development of a new index of economic stress for Perth, Western Australia.

October 2009

Westward Bound? Perth's Emerging Corporate Power

This short papers explores the shifting distribution of corporate power and, more specifically, considers where Perth fits into the national corporate landscape.

July 2009