2019 Director Elections

How to nominate

In accordance with the Committee for Perth Limited’s Constitution, the Committee is seeking nominations for five (5) positions of Director on its Board. This represents an opportunity for you, as a member organisation, to take an active part in the strategic direction of the Committee by nominating a candidate for the vacant positions and participating in a subsequent election should more nominations be received than positions vacant.

The successful candidates will be elected for a term of three years and will join the Chairman, the remaining Elected Directors and two appointed Directors (one of whom is the Chairman) to comprise a Board of nine.

Andrew Hill and Meath Hammond who were appointed to fill the vacancies created by the resignations of Stephanie Buckland and John Nicolaou during 2018, will be seeking election as Elected Directors as required by the Constitution.

In addition, existing Elected Directors Maya vanden Driesen, Prof. Deborah Terry AO and Jon Smeulders have completed their three-year term. Ms vanden Driesen, Prof. Terry AO and Mr Smeudlers have indicated they intend to stand for re-election.

It is also open to other members to nominate a person associated with their organisation to seek election as an Elected Director.

The current Board is comprised as follows:-



Kate Lamont

Appointed in August 2018 for a period of 3+ years until AGM in 2021

Maya vanden Driesen

Re-elected in November 2016 for 3 years until AGM in 2019

Prof. Deborah Terry AO

Elected in November 2016 for 3 years until AGM in 2019

Jon Smeulders

Elected in November 2016 for 3 years until AGM in 2019

Gina Hogan

Elected in November 2018 for 3 years until AGM in 2021

Tim Shanahan

Elected in November 2018 for 3 years until AGM in 2021

Meath Hammond

Appointed to fill a causal vacancy until the AGM in 2019

Andrew Hill

Appointed to fill a causal vacancy until the AGM in 2019

Appointed Director

Current vacancy

The Committee for Perth’s 2019-2021 Strategic Plan seeks to ensure that we remain a relevant and sustainable organisation and to grow the membership base. The Board meets quarterly at which it reviews the performance of the organisation and provides guidance on issues such as thought-leadership, projects of high impact, organisational effectiveness and financial viability, together with assisting with the business development process.

If you feel that yourself, or a senior colleague, can add depth and strength to the Committee and the Board and thereby helping to grow the membership base, I encourage you to nominate for one of the positions. A nomination pack is below and should be emailed to the Committee by 5:00 pm, Friday 27 September 2019. Nominations received after the closing date and time will not be considered.

Any enquiries should be directed to Holly Fulker as the Returning Officer at the Committee for Perth on (08) 9481 5699 or holly.fulker@committeeforperth.com.au

Electronic Ballot

Previously the Committee for Perth has conducted the ballot for Director Elections via postal ballot. Unfortunately postal ballots are slow to arrive, sometimes get lost and are time consuming and expensive. Should a ballot be necessary, the 2019 Directors Election will be conducted by electronic means for a more accessible, timely and cost effective ballot.

The electronic ballot will be distributed via the email address of the primary contact of the Voting Representative in the Committee for Perth's membership database. If you wish to check the details and email address of the primary contact please call Holly Fulker on (08) 9481 5699.

The Committee for Perth has engaged Cirrena IVS Independent Voting Solutions to conduct the electronic ballot.

Eligibility to Vote in Director Election

Members must have paid all outstanding membership fees to be eligible to vote. Only financial Members of the Committee for Perth can vote in the Directors Election. This includes Gold Members, Silver Members and Bronze Members.

Each member receives one vote. The voting representative of the Member in the the Committee for Perth membership database will receive the ballot via email.

Nomination Pack

Committee for Perth Constitution