About us

The Committee for Perth is focused on making a positive difference to Perth’s future.

Our members include local, national and international organisations, who set aside commercial gain, sectoral interests and personal perspectives to come together to be a united voice on the issues facing Perth.

  • We are a member driven organisation who represent a large number of Perth and Australia’s stewardship brands.
  • We play a leadership role by focusing on issues that are critical to Perth’s future growth and development.
  • We are an independent organisation with a reputation for getting things done.
  • We offer our members the opportunity for participation and input.
  • We rely on our research to provide us with a fact-based platform.
  • We are thought leaders with a transparent agenda.
  • We have a clear vision and are committed to making it a reality.
  • We work collaboratively with an influential group of members and stakeholders.
  • We use a unique model of advocacy that takes a long-term, apolitical approach.
  • We are a think-tank committed to sharing information that will positively influence policy development for the Perth and Peel region.

Our Vision

Our vision is for a region with an integrated strategic plan which ensures that Perth:

  • Promotes the high value of its people.
  • Embraces its natural environment.
  • Is vibrant and innovative.
  • Participates on the world stage.
  • Has a strong sense of place.

Our Mission

We provide a systematic channel through which Perth’s business and community leaders can make an enduring contribution to our vision.

Our Purpose

The Committee for Perth promotes and enables change that improves the cultural diversity, economic prosperity, sustainability and world-class amenity of Perth.

Our Principles

The Committee for Perth is governed by a clearly defined set of guiding principles.

  • Our members drive the agenda and momentum for our initiatives.
  • We are apolitical and receptive to alternative opinions and proposals.
  • We add innovative thinking and thought-provoking debate about the opportunities for Perth.
  • We develop and nurture partnerships between business, local and state governments, non-government organisations and the community.
  • As the gateway to Western Australia, our focus is on the greater Perth metropolitan region.
  • We are committed to supporting short and long-term, sustainable, beneficial and high impact change for greater Perth.
  • Our Board and Executive are recognised as motivated and respected stakeholders.
  • We don’t act as a driver of the pecuniary interest of individual members.
  • We are advisors, catalysts and supporters of strategic development – we are not implementers.




Annual Review
2018 Annual Report
This Annual Report highlights a year of achievements including the release of the Bigger & Better Beyond the Boom report: Perth's Pathway to Prosperity and 12 years in operation.
Annual Report
PDF | 7.64 MB
November 2018
Annual Review
2017 Annual Report
This Annual Report highlights a year of achievements including the release of the FACTBase Special Report - Perth as a resilient economy and 11 years in operation.
Annual Report
PDF | 3.99 MB
November 2017
Annual Report
2016 Annual Report
This Annual Report highlights a year of achievements including the release of the Get a Move On! report and 10 years in operation.
Annual Report
PDF | 4.09 MB
November 2016
Annual Review
2015 Annual Review
This annual review highlights a year of achievements including the release of the Filling the Pool and Future Freo reports.
Annual Report
PDF | 3.61 MB
November 2015
Annual Review
2014 Annual Review
The 2014 Annual Review gives an overview of a new sub-regional project Future Freo, as well as the substantial release of 9 FACTBase Bulletins.
Annual Report
PDF | 5.06 MB
December 2014
Annual Review
2013 Annual Review
The 2013 Annual Review looks at a year of new research projects and advocacy including the gender equity report, Filling the Pool.
Annual Report
PDF | 3.66 MB
December 2013
Annual Review
2012 Annual Review
The 2012 Annual Review looks at a year of special projects including the research report Towards a Bright Future.
Annual Report
PDF | 3.95 MB
December 2012
Annual Review
2011 Annual Review
The 2011 Annual Review looks at a year of new research and growth for the Perth and Peel region.
Annual Report
PDF | 1.58 MB
December 2011
Annual Review
2010 Annual Review
The 2010 Annual Review looks at a year of change through Working Groups and membership.
Annual Report
PDF | 3.43 MB
December 2010
Annual Review
2009 Annual Review
The 2009 Annual Review reflects on a year of growth and development through research and advocacy.
Annual Report
PDF | 5.31 MB
December 2009
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