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The Committee for Perth aims to lead debate, advise and be a catalyst for positive change in all areas affecting the growth and development of Perth.

FACTBase is our collaborative long-term research project with The University of Western Australia. It benchmarks the liveability of Perth and its global connectedness, by examining its economic, social, demographic and political character.

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WA's population is 2.62 million, 11% of the national population
WA's population is 2.62 million, 11% of the national population
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Our Committee for Perth research undertaken in partnership with:
Our Committee for Perth research undertaken in partnership with:
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We Advocate for

All Committee for Perth research is funded by members who invest in the communities in which they operate and are passionate about creating a brighter future for Perth.

Perth and Peel @ 3.5 million

The Committee since inception has been advocating for the development of a unified vision for Perth. A vision that government, business and the community can agree upon that captures the aspirations for Perth as a region of 3.5 million people.

Transport and Congestion

The Committee for Perth supports the development of a long-term integrated public transport network that includes all modes of transport, to ensure efficient movement throughout the region as well as to facilitate transit-oriented development.


The Committee believes that our diverse community should be acknowledged and celebrated. Through our research on both gender and cultural diversity we brought a more detailed understanding about Perth’s diverse population base.

Vibrancy and Culture

The Committee believes that a vibrant arts and cultural scene is vital to Perth’s liveability. In 2008, we launched the Cultural Compact for WA:The 10 Year Challenge Phase 1 which challenges government, the arts sector and community to work together.


The Committee believes that Perth should be the city in Australia that acknowledges, respects and celebrates its Indigenous Australian cultures.

Local Government Reform

The Committee believes that the current fragmented system of local government in the Perth metropolitan region is hindering the potential to achieve our vision for the future of Perth.

Retail Trading

The Committee believes that the deregulation of retail trading hours is crucial to enhancing the liveability and attractiveness of Perth, both as a place of residence and as a tourist destination.

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Committee for Perth members provide financial and intellectual input that helps to inform our agenda and contribute to our advocacy positions.

Regardless of how long they have supported the Committee, the investment of our Foundation Members forms the base of the organisation on which all other parts are overlaid.

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